You were made to move. Let's make sure it happens.
If you have limited or impaired mobility, time spent out of your bed could be the highlight of your day.

Just getting out of bed can pose a risk and be incredibly challenging. When transitioning is too much for one person to manage, Arjo lifts are the best solution to make sure your life includes moving around.

Arjo products are designed to integrate with your environment.
Patients enjoy a comfortable and dignified experience. Care providers appreciate the ease of use as well.

The Arjo ceiling lifts allows caregivers to conduct a transfer without manual lifting. It reduces the risk of injury for themselves or the one they are caring for.

Arjo track lifts are built with people in mind.
We are one of Western Canada's leading suppliers of Arjo ceiling track lifts.

We serve Abbotsford, Langley, Chilliwack and Surrey with custom solutions that work and are totally safe. As a medical supply company, we are proud to partner with a company like Arjo who has a reputation for excellent products.

Ceiling Track Setup For Your Setting
Our staff works with your OT to conduct an assessment, installation, training and long term service and maintenance.

We want to help you setup the best possible working environment for care providers and patients. Ceiling tracks create a safe, comfortable and diginfied transfers for residents/patients.

Our Arjo KWIKtrak™ system includes tracks, curves, full room (X-Y) traverse systems, gates, turntables, exchangers and attachment products - modular components that can be combined to create the ideal layout to suit your specific needs.

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The Maxi Sky 2
Part of the Arjo series that is specifically designed for flexibility and ease of use.

This ceiling lift delivers a tailored solution for the special needs and requirements of your care environment.

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The Maxi Sky 440 is a simple-to-use portable ceiling lift system.
It allows a single caregiver to perform a transfer of their patient.

It removes the stress of manual lifting so a caregiver can focus on helping their patient.

It was designed to be easy to move around and easily attach to a gantry or track. This portable lift can be set up wherever patient handling is required.

Maxi Sky 440 and its integrated foldable two-point spreader bar is compatible with the large range of Arjo loop slings.

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