When you're interested in the outdoors, you need to be able to trust your scooter will be equal to the task.
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With the Freedom scooter, there's no need to worry about distance or breaking down. With a strong suspension and large battery capacity, you're assured of a smoother, rewarding drive.

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It's All About The Best In Outdoor Performance
You will appreciate a smooth and rewarding drive. The S700's all-around advanced suspension delivers a fantastic experience for riders.

Every wheel has its own independent suspension. If you're cruising or travelling over rough terrain, you'll get the ultimate comfort. It's always a smooth ride.

You Deserve The Best In Comfort
You'll find the ideal seating position for every journey. Effortless transition with easy-to-adjust luxury seating.

Anyone can adjust the seat height, depth and recline to suit their ideal driving position. The flip-up comfort armrests are also width, angle and depth adjustable - and combined with the seat rotation ensures that transferring in and out of your mobility scooter is simple.

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